What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic cup?
Time:2019-12-06 16:30:23

        In life if we did noticed. What we drink coffee with or more likely coffee cup is ceramic materials also. What we use for tea is ceramic too. Ceramic materials is the oldest materials from ancient times until today. If you are asking what is the best materials for drinking tea, ceramic is the one most of people recommended.

       The advantages with ceramic comes a lot. It can stay well in high temperature and easily to clean. The heat conduction normally would not fast. With new bone China, the materials are safety and comes good decay resistance. Normally comes long term range. Of course except safety quality, ceramic materials also with good heat preservation and environmental protection. 

        Although ceramic has a lot of advantages, but when we talk about the disadvantages. We know that the ceramic is not quite good at air airtightness. Like the common ceramic generally are mug types. More often, the ceramic is fragile though better then glass but sometimes accident may happen